Our Vision

Building the next tech hub in Downtown Los Angeles.


Downtown LA is a story that is being written right now. With its collection of neighborhoods, industries, and historic anchors, Downtown LA is rich with opportunity. Los Angeles is currently graduating more engineers than anywhere else in the country, and is primed to become the country's next great tech center. Despite its dynamisms and abundance of resources, the area has been slow to attract and integrate entrepreneurship. 

When Grid110 came onto the scene in 2015, office space was one of the biggest hurdles. Entrepreneurs were having a hard time finding appropriate office space in Silicon Beach, while Downtown LA ran perennial commercial space vacancies of over 20 percent per the DCBID. Downtown LA now hosts a myriad of co-working and office spaces, accommodating teams from 1 to 50+.

For the past two years, Grid110's primary focus was on Fashion Tech startups. Having learned a lot about the critical needs of early stage startups and wanting to scale the program to a broader market, Grid110's current programming is open to any vertical. Grid110's current focus is to help define clearer pathways for successful entrepreneurship and activate the community in Downtown LA.

It all comes down to 4 simple, but powerful, actions:

We are laying the foundation necessary to rapidly grow the startup ecosystem in DTLA by leveraging existing landmarks and strengths of the area and by connecting emerging companies with the resources they need to build a thriving business.

We are creating a thriving team of leading technical and creative talent to build the country's next entrepreneurial hub by leveraging both the public and the private space in DTLA to build connectivity and supportive networks.

We are amplifying trades that currently exist in DTLA and supporting growing industries by activating a different vertical every program cycle and providing emerging companies with access to a multitude of vital resources.

We are conducting empirical research in key domains (urban studies, economics, labor, and entrepreneurship) and connecting industry experts and educators with the broader community for deep, actionable learning.


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